Blondes have the most fun”- we have been hearing this since forever, and we have to agree that blonde is beautiful. People worldwide sport the color blonde to look younger, more energetic, and as a fashion statement.

It may not be as bold as pink or blue, but it still emits a fun, vibrant, and classy vibe whether you dye a portion of your hair blonde, all of your hair, or just add some sun streaks to your locks.

Every color has a particular energy – with blonde, you have vitality, youth, excitement, and confidence. Offering different shades of the bright color, the world’s popular blondes include Jennifer Aniston, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Dolly Parton, and so many others!

Smart Beauty Smart Color + Plex offers a formula that gives you a radiant blonde color, plus it saves you money by including a strong Plex in it which protects your hair from damage. Plex also nourishes the microfibers, and leaves you with a stunning result. In addition, the +Plex formula saves you $$$ as it is blended into the dye, so you don’t ever have to purchase it separately – a 2-in-1 advantage!

Plex is popular in salons all over the world, but this special formula goes beyond just adding ingredients to the dye; it offers a solution that helps to rebuild and nourish your hair – boosting growth and vitality.

Remember that all Smart Beauty products are cruelty free and suitable for vegans. We do not test on animals and we only select ingredients that are vegan friendly. In addition we use environmentally responsible packaging where possible, as long as it keeps you, the user, safe. This is a factor we must consider when it comes to tubes and bottles in particular, and here we aim to use recycled plastic.

Let’s check out the shades you can use;

Shades Available

Smart Beauty Smart Color comes in two types of dyes: Permanent and Temporary.

Permanent hair dye lasts for about 28 washes and contains NIO-Active technology that nourishes and refines the hair, preventing damage for a long-lasting fine finish.

Let’s check out the colors.


Summer Blonde Hair Dye

If you want to go blonde for the summer, Summer Blonde is the perfect shade for you! Well, we are only half kidding, as Summer blonde isn’t only a summer shade but a color for every season.

This shade is warm blonde and has a particularly positive vibe to it. It’s perfect on light or medium blonde hair. To get the best result on darker hair, you may have to bleach your hair first. We have designed Smart Beauty Bleach-it especially for this purpose.

In addition to being a warm blonde, Summer Blonde can also cover grays perfectly, and you can use it as a hair lightener.

Summer Blonde Hair Colour Results
Creamy Blonde Hair Dye

This Creamy Blonde shade is slightly lighter than Summer Blonde but not like a yellowish blonde – it is a little cooler in tone. Creamy Blonde is a rich, happy color best suited for light or medium-toned hair. 

To get the best result on darker hair, you may have to bleach your hair first. We have designed Smart Beauty Bleach-it especially for this purpose.

The color looks great on short crop cuts and long layers. So if you are ready for a new jazzy look, choose this!

Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Ash-blonde has a slight silver tinge and is a unique hue that almost looks fairy-like. Using Smart Beauty Smart Color + Plex, you will get a fantastic, smooth result that is set to impress.

Like the other colors, ash blonde is prominent on light or medium blonde hair. To get the best result on darker hair, you may have to bleach your hair first. We have designed Smart Beauty Bleach-it especially for this purpose.

Platinum Blonde Hair Dye

Our Smart Beauty Platinum blonde is an award-winning color. It gives off an unreal aura that leaves people stunned. The color is a lighter, cooler, more metallic version of blonde. As with the other shades, Platinum Blonde is perfect for light or medium brown hair. 

To get the best result on darker hair, you may have to bleach your hair first. We have designed Smart Beauty Bleach-it especially for this purpose.

All other shades would have to lighten their tone for the color to be visible. This shade can be a game-changer!


Platinum Blonde Hair Colour Results
Platinum rear face

Will Blonde Hair Dye Suit Me?

Before going blonde, many people wonder if this ethereal color will suit them, especially if they are originally a darker shade in hair. However, blonde has so many beautiful shades that one is bound to suit you. Many people switch to blonde and never switch back!

However, here is what you need to consider before choosing a particular shade.


You might want to consider your haircut when choosing a shade of blonde. While blonde looks superb in all lengths, some shades would look better on specific haircuts.

Summer blonde would look great on all hair lengths, while ash blonde may suit shorter hair more. However, it all depends on how you carry yourself and how you wear your hair.

Complexion and Eye Color

Your complexion and hair color are important factors to consider when choosing a shade of blonde. Platinum and ash shades look stunning with lighter complexions and light eyes though they can also look ravishing on darker skin with dark eyes.

However, if you have light skin and light eyes, it is recommended to use more vibrant shades of blonde rather than pastel shades to avoid making your complexion look dull. Your hair color should ideally make you look more radiant!

Makeup Choices

If you know your craft, then you can probably pull off any type of makeup with any shade of hair. However, if you have a particular preference for makeup and you do not plan to change it, you may want to choose your shade of blonde carefully.

For example, ash blonde may require softer makeup, while summer blonde looks better with darker makeup. If there is a particular shade of lipstick that you like, test it out with the hair color shade you want, and check out the combination.

Who Looks Great with Blonde Hair?

There are hardly any celebrities who have not tried the blonde look, and most of them are not natural blondes. It is because blonde is so vivacious and Hollywood-like that it is an irresistible hue. We have seen them all, from Justin Timberlake’s platinum blonde to Kim Kardashian’s half-blonde-half-black look.

Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Halle Berry, Marilyn Monroe, Reese Witherspoon, Paris Hilton, and many other beautiful blondes exist in the celebrity space. If you are ready to take inspiration, you will find many shades and looks to go through!

Why Should I Dye My Hair Blonde?

There are several reasons for you to dye your hair blonde and while it may be a big step, if you want to sport this gorgeous color, go for it without any doubt! Here are just a few reasons you should take the plunge.


Blonde hair represents beauty and vitality

The Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, was said to be a blonde, so blonde has always represented beauty, health, and energy. It is a color full of sunshine and exuberance. Therefore, if that’s what you are going for, this look will give you the needed lift.

Go back a few years

Everyone loves to lose a few years from their face, and blonde can make you look younger and fresher. You can rewind years from your face by choosing a shade that adds that oomph to your look.

Blonde to cover grays

Adding blonde highlights to your hair can cover grays very effectively. Sometimes grays are even less prominent in lighter hair while more visible in darker hair. If you want to cover your silver strands, dye them blonde! To cover grays, you should choose a shade such as ash or platinum blonde, as new grays will blend in smoothly with the metallic tones.

Universal color

Blonde may be considered a color originating from the West, but it is widely accepted and popular all around the globe. If you are a globe-trotter, you will never feel out of place.

Most likely, no one at your workplace will mind your hair shade, and it may very well be bold, like platinum blonde or ash blonde, but it still won’t get you into any trouble at work.

How to Dye Your Hair Blonde

Dying your hair blonde isn’t a long, extensive process, especially if you use Smart Beauty Smart Color + Plex’s built-in hair repair formula. Everything you need for the process will be included in your hair dye pack, and you may just need to gather a few other household supplies before you start.

Your Smart Beauty Smart Color + Plex pack includes the following items:

  • SmartBeauty + SmartPlex dye
  • 50 ml of dye with Smart Plex
  • 100 ml of Smart Color activator cream
  • Applicator bottle
  • Protective plastic gloves
  • An instruction manual

Here is what else you might choose to use to get the job done.

  • Barrier cream to protect your skin below the hair line
  • Mixing bowl
  • Hair brush or comb
  • Towel
  • Clock

Here is how you can go about the process.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Simply follow these steps to dye your hair a vibrant happening blonde!

  1. Cover your shoulders with a towel and divide all your hair into sections – 4 sections- from front to back and from ear to ear.
  2. Put on your protective gloves and pour the tube of color into your application bottle.
  3. Shake the bottle to mix the dye properly.
  4. Apply the blond hair dye to all sections you want to color.
  5. Spread the dye evenly with a comb and leave it on for 30-minutes or a maximum of 45-minutes.
  6. Rinse and wash
  7. Your hair is ready to impress!

For temporary blonde hair dye, shake the bottle and spray it into your hair. Then, you can wash it out when you’re ready to return to your original shade.

Do I Need Bleach?

To answer this, we have to consider the different hair shades.

For example, if your hair is pitch black, that is Level 1, and very light blonde hair is Level 12. Your original hair color should be Level 8 or higher to pull off most of these shades without bleach. If your hair is darker, you may want to apply the color twice for more optimal results. But we do have another suggestion;

If your hair is darker, you may need to use bleach to get a blonde shade. The Smart Beauty bleach-it hair kit can help you achieve this quickly, safely, and without any type of hassle.

You can go up to 8 levels lighter with this bleach kit and apply your choice of blonde hair dye to get perfect results!

How to Maintain Blonde Hair

How can you keep your hair looking shiny, fresh, and fabulous? First, you must put in a little effort to maintain your blond tresses.

Here is how you can maintain your blonde hair.

  • Rinse your hair with cold water. Hot water leads to discoloration and causes the dye to bleed out sooner. Cool water can help maintain the color,
  • Wash your hair less. If you opt for a permanent dye, you have 28 washes before your color fades. Therefore, to keep it in your hair longer, you may want to wash your hair 2-3 times a week max.
  • You should also protect your hair from chlorine exposure. Therefore, try wearing a swimming cap if you are going for a swim.
  • Use a UV protectant to protect your hair from sunlight and other UV rays to keep your hair fresh.
  • Use a heat protectant to style your hair with curlers, straighteners, crimpers, etc.
  • Use shampoo for colored hair as they are usually milder than others.
  • Try deep conditioning your hair often, so it is always soft and manageable.
  • Use a purple shampoo once a week to keep your hair glistening.
  • Opt for a rich hair mask and apply it once every two weeks for optimum results

Color Results

Smart Beauty Smart Color + Plex provides excellent results, and your hair comes out soft, manageable, and nourished. However, the results you get in color depend on several factors, and sometimes your shade may slightly differ from the shade you chose.

Here is what you can expect after applying the dye:

  • Beautiful, soft hair with a prominent shine
  • If your hair is Level 8 or above, your color should be similar to the color you chose, without applying bleach
  • If your hair is slightly darker than Level 8, your color may not be as prominent or visible. You can make the color richer by re-applying the dye or using Smart Beauty bleach-it hair kit first.

Always do a strand test before applying the dye to the rest of your hair to see the color results and to ensure that you are not allergic to the dye.

The color result you get is dependent on a number of factors:

  • The condition of your hair when you dye it. Dry, brittle, or damaged hair may not have the best results, though the +Plex formula will help in evening it out.
  • Suppose you have pigments of other colors in your hair. If you have dyed your hair a different color before and still have remnants of that color in your hair, your blonde shade may differ.
  • The color of your hair before you applied the dye
  • The products you used on your hair while dying it

So, how long will your hair be blonde and beautiful? That all depends on the following:

  • How often you wash your hair
  • How fast your hair grows and roots begin to show (you may occasionally need a root touch-up)
  • Whether you use heat on your hair
  • The shampoo and other products you use

Ensure you protect your hair color from fading, and enjoy your new color longer! You can always refresh your color if it begins to fade!


Bleaching your hair means lightening it or stripping it of color but dying your hair blonde means giving it a distinct shade; therefore, bleaching your hair and dying it blonde is not the same.

 Blonde hair dye does not damage your hair, but if you need to bleach your hair before application, it may be slightly detrimental to your hair’s health. Smart Beauty Smart Color + Plex aims to minimize damage and nourish and repair your hair during the dying process.

It is also advisable to use the bleach-it kit for safe bleaching if required. If you use a substandard bleaching product, your hair condition can suffer immensely.

You should also be aware of Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) in permanent hair dyes. Some people are allergic to it, which can cause a reaction. Henna also includes PPD, so the best alternative to use if you are allergic to it is to opt for Smart Beauty temporary hair dyes, void of PPD.

To find out whether you are allergic to PPD, apply some of the hair dye to your skin for 48 hours. This is called a patch test. If your skin becomes irritable, inflamed, or red, you should refrain from using products that contain PPD.

Yes, blonde hair dye can cover gray hair. However, if you want to cover grays, it is advisable to dye your hair platinum or ash blonde, as grays will blend in with the color.

Final Thoughts

Blonde hair will be in forever, to be honest, so if you want to go blonde, don’t fret! You will always be in style. Make sure you choose your shade wisely or feel free to experiment with many shades over time – you can’t go wrong when it comes to blonde!

Have fun – after all, that’s what blondes do!

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