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Great colour but much brighter than I expected! Would still buy again.
It was easy to use and no nasty smell/stinging etc. Absolutely no reaction to this dye and it felt very safe to use.

My roots had grown about 3inches and were dark blonde with grey. I didn't want to bleech my roots as didn't want to damage my hair. So wasn't expecting the coverage I got. Its alot darker looking in the mirror compared to tak8ng photos standing at the window. The smell to start with wasn't great,but,it didn't last. I love the fact that there is NO testing on animals. A very big plus. I used to boxes on my length.

Great product, lovely colour, recommend this product, great price. Great service.

Very vibrant colour, picked up really well on my hair which is a dark blonde. Had to re-dye after 2 weeks as it faded, however, my hair doesn't hold dye very well so might last longer on other people? Mine faded to an almost pinky colour, especially on my ends whereas my roots stayed fairly purple.

Apsolutly beautiful hair dye. One of the best one I have ever come across. I have Google reviewed it as well!

Worked really well on my darkish brown hair, even better on all the grey areas round the front! Looks black in low light, very blue in bright light. Easy to apply (no brush, but more eco friendly to reuse those), and easy enough to clean off skin and sink as I went along XD

This bleach really works well on my thick dark hair! I previously used to used the Plum colour with lightener in it. This bleach has lifted the cour out and my roots go even lighter than the previously dyed colour. I have very thick hair so I'm able to wait for an hour before washing it out and there's no damage. I love it so much I'll probably stay blonde for a while before putting another colour on it!

Brilliant. So much cheaper if you order it from here. I live for this hair dye now since I turned purple. Tried everything but this is the best long lasting purple and it worth its money. Thank you so much. I will be ordering again every month now until I change colours again to which I probs will still order from you :)

Love this colour and so kind to
My hair , so shiny and healthy looking .

I had really pink hair (mistake) so I toned it down with silver moon turned our gorgeous

Fantastic cruelty free vegan product!
I can’t say enough good things about this company!

Great colour, easy to apply and left my hair really shiny and in great condition. Customer service could be better but when I chased up my delayed order they did throw in some spray for free.

I have been dying my hair with their ppd free red for years but need to tone down the colour for work. I asked on fb message for advice and was told to mix in the brown. It arrived and it contains PPD. I asked again for advice and was ignored, then they only answered part of my query and then they dismissed me altogether. Disappointed and ordered elsewhere now.

Love this colour! I'd would like to order more, but unfortunately part of my previous order didn't arrive and despite sending emails I am still waiting for it! As it's been over a month now I think it's unlikely I'll receive it. Therefore I'm reluctant to place another order with the same company!

Despite ordering three hair dyes, I only received two!
How can I review or recommend this colour that didn't arrive???