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Showing all 15 results

These awesome fashion colors are the perfect way to show off your bold and unique side. These hottest hair dye colors are totally Instagram-worthy, and come in every color you could possibly need! Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone — you’ll love these 5 totally awesome color combinations.

Fashion Colors is a collection of different hair dye colors to try this season. You can now be ready for the party or festival at home with your new pink, blue, or glittery hair.

Explore our beauty ideas to make the most of every color. You can do anything in a combination of different hair dye colors. You can change your hair colors to create a new look with different shades and tones of red. We’ve got all kinds of fashion colors for you, from green and blue to lilac and pink.

Make a dramatic color statement with a pop of red, blue, or purple throughout your do. These are some of the hottest fashion colors in hair dye that you can experiment with today!  Whatever shade or color you fancy, we have it here for you at Smart Beauty FASHION COLORS.

Get the latest hair dye trends and color combinations with Smart Beauty. Our Fashion Colors are designed to bring out your inner artist, so you can show off your style and express your unique personality. Choose from vibrant shades and selections like blue, pink, burgundy, and purple to add excitement to your everyday hair look.

Our Every Day Fashion hair dye colors are like nothing you’ve seen before. These expertly mixed hair dyes come in a variety of fashion shades, from low-lights to ombre, to glittery silver and multicolored shades. What does your new look like?